Our Mission, Goals and Vision

At Great Dalby Primary School we hope to offer our children a broad, balanced and thought provoking curriculum which includes a wide range of experiences. The holistic experience we offer our children is underpinned by happiness, well-being and gratitude.

We envisage that the high quality teaching, combined with interesting and purposeful learning experiences, in a stimulating environment will encourage all children to progress rapidly in their educational journey; as well as to be curious, kind and confident. By doing so, we aim to enable all children to communicate effectively using a rich vocabulary, empathy, understanding and opinion. We hope all our children learn to challenge themselves, believe in ‘The Power of … yet’ and have the ability to show courage when faced with difficulty.

At the end of their primary school journey we hope that all our children leave with a character that is developed in such a positive way that each individual is the best version of themselves and they can step into their future with a body of knowledge and a range of attributes that will lead to success in whatever path they take.

Our Aims:

  • To develop enquiring and curious minds to create life-long learners.
  • For all of our children and staff to be happy in school.
  • To make a difference to the lives of our children.
  • To create a welcoming environment in which communication is strong and good relationships with parents/carers are developed.
  • To encourage all children to have ambition.
  • For every child to be seen as an individual and enable them to reach their potential.
  • To develop confident children with a ‘have a go’ attitude.
  • To develop caring, considerate and tolerant children.
  • For our children to be proud to be part of Great Dalby Primary School

Our Mission is to inspire and nurture everyone to be the best they can be in a safe, welcoming and positive environment.

We want all of our children to feel inspired …


Character Based Golden Standards