Year Group Organisation

We have 7 year groups (Foundation to Year 6) split into 5 classes (Class 1 to Class 5).  The year group splits are determined by the cohort numbers each year; it does not follow that the same cohort will be split each year or that any split cohort will always be split.  When we look at which year group or groups need to be split, we look at every child; their progress during the year, their attainment at the end of the year and their friendship groups.

We strive to ensure that the learning needs of all our children are met and we pride ourselves on recognising every child as an individual.  We understand that there are a multitude of factors that contribute to children’s holistic development and experience has taught us that, as children journey through primary school, their academic progress will be mapped with peaks and troughs.  We know that different children learn in different ways and some children need a little more support for longer than others.  We believe we are in a strong position to meet every child’s learning needs at any time during their years at Great Dalby Primary School.

Our year groups are split as follows for 2020/21:
EYFS and Year One:           Class One (Mrs Nelmes and Mrs Corner)

Year One and Two:             Class 2 (Mrs Ward)

Year Three and Four:          Class 3 (Mrs Bradding and Mrs Lander)

Year Four and Five:            Class 4 (Mrs Allen)

Year Five and Six:             Class 5 (Mr Bryan)