Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

I hope you are all ready and “roaring” to get started! We start our Autumn Term learning about dinosaurs, what they ate, comparing their sizes,  learning about what they looked like and maybe even having a visitor! Look out for the clues!

I have attached the knowledge organisers that we will be working on as a starting point to ensure parents and guardians are also aware of what we are doing.


Knowledge Organiser For Free Standing  Structures

Knowledge Organiser For Local Study

Knowledge Organiser For Pulse

Knowledge Organiser For Science Animals












During this final half term, Class 1 will be finding out more about castles. Why were they built? Who chose where they were built? What are the main features of a castle?

We will also be looking at what life might have been like to live in a castle and train to become knights ourselves! We will learn how to joust, pass a bravery test…do you think you have what it takes to be a brave knight?!

Knowledge Organiser For Castles

Summer Term 1 – Amazing Humans

We will start off our Summer term completing our work on Spring babies by hatching chickens! We will watch as they hatch and learn not only about the life cycle of chickens but also frogs and caterpillars too. We may even have a snuggle or two!

We will then move on to learn about significant people who have helped shape our lives from the past to present day including superheroes that do not wear capes!


Knowledge Organiser For History Of Medicine

Knowledge Organiser For Digital Writing

GD Knowledge Organiser For Animals Inc Humans

What a wonderful world!

This term, we will be delving further into our wonderful world. We will be watching the weather and collecting it, gaining green fingers in gardening and growing plants and vegetables. Fingers crossed, we will have our very own eggs to incubate again and observing caterpillars through their life cycle. In English, we will be studying stories from Africa and writing our own too. As usual, it will be packed to the rafters!

Please find below, our knowledge organisers for our geography, science, art and computing.


Knowledge Organiser For Plants

Knowledge Organiser For Wonderful Weather

Knowledge Organiser For Moving A Robot

Knowledge Organiser For Printing

Please use the links below to see the Knowledge Organisers for Class 1 for the Spring Term.

Knowledge Organiser For Science Animals

Knowledge Organiser For Geography Oceans And Continents

Knowledge Organiser For DT Sliders And Levers

Knowledge Organiser For Moving A Robot


We are looking forward to welcoming you to Class 1 and having a fun-filled term. We are ready and raring to go and we hope you are too?!


As the children come in, we will start by finding out our “super powers”. We will talk to the children about their strengths and discuss whether all heroes wear capes. We will base work during this time on Supertato books amongst others.


Let’s Explore!                           

Once the children are all in full time, we quickly move onto our Let’s Explore topic. In this project, your child will explore their class environment and school grounds so that they feel settled and happy in their new surroundings. They will learn about the local environment and find out about places they have visited on holiday. They will look at and create maps for journeys.

Supporting your child at home

  • Use Google Earth to explore the locality.
  • Go on a walk around your local community and talk about the things that you see.
  • Encourage your child to talk about the activities they enjoy doing at school.


Please do come and say hi, check-in with us and ask any questions. We will do our very best to answer them promptly and put you at ease.