Class 2

Welcome to Spring 2!

Our topic this term is On the farm

  • As young geographers, we will be exploring our locality making observations about the human and physical features we see.  We will look at physical and digital maps, use keys and plan routes and exploring compass directions.
  • As young scientists, we will be learning about plants; how they grow and what they need to survive as well as learning about the importance of wildflowers.  We will learn about deciduous and evergreen trees and explore their differences as well as their similarities.  We will make observations and record our findings.
  • As part of our design and technology learning this term, we will be looking at structures;  we will design, make and evaluate a play farm structure having taken inspiration from the human features around us.
  • In our English sessions, we will be writing character descriptions, diary entries, recounts and writing our very own stories based around our new whole class reading book, Jim and the beanstalk.  It’s a beautifully simple book and we’ll be using it to explore the grammar and punctuation features appropriate for year 1 and 2.
  • This term as young mathematicians, we particularly focus on shape, fractions and position and direction this term with year 2s making good progress with learning their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

There’s lots going on and even more to learn that I’ve mentioned;  it’s going to be a fun and exciting half term so I hope the children enjoy themselves.


Kind regards,


Jacqui Ward

On the farm...

Science Knowledge Organiser

Design & Technology Knowledge Organiser

Geography Knowledge Organiser

Happy New Year Class 2

I do hope you’ve had a fun-packed Christmas and have stayed healthy and well.  It was amazing to be able to welcome them all back in and listen to their animated stories about their many presents and wonderful days out!!!  They were all brimming with excitement to tell us what they’d been up to.

Our first topic is called ZOOM!  Planes, trains and automobiles!  This will last for this half term.  Please see the links below for the Knowledge Organisers which outline the key learning, vocabulary and coverage for each curriculum area.

The children are welcome to  bring in any books, games or vehicles related to the topic so long as they’re not too precious and they’re happy to share them with others if we have a wet play (inside play).

My email address remains the same so please contact me if there’s anything I can help with (  I usually respond to emails within 48 hours.  For more urgent matters please phone the school on 01664 562750.

Kind regards,

Jacqui Ward

Knowledge Organisers for Spring Term 1

GD Knowledge Organiser For D&T Mechanisms Wheels And Axels

GD Knowledge Organiser For History Events Beyond Living Memory

GD Knowledge Organiser For Animals Inc Humans

GD Knowledge Organiser For Computing And Art & Design – Creating Media: Digital Painting

ZOOM! Planes, trains and automobiles!