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Welcome to Class 5’s web page. Here you will be able to see photos of our current Y6/Y5 pupils in action. Celebrating their achievements, personalities, and engagement with each topic. We hope you enjoy looking through this window into our world.

A siren sounds and a Spitfire zooms overhead! It’s 1939 and Britain is at war.

This half term, we’ll imagine what it was like to be evacuated and live with a family other than our own. Using different source materials, we’ll learn about evacuation and write letters to our families ‘back home’. We’ll plot the Second World War’s events on a timeline and learn about rationing, Pearl Harbour and the Battle of Britain. From a range of maps, we’ll identify safe and dangerous places during the war and make persuasive posters to support the war effort. After reading an extract from The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, we’ll write our own diaries. From a range of sources, we’ll find out about children and school during the war and learn about discrimination that existed at the time. We’ll learn about what it was like during the Blitz and think about how soldiers might have felt. In D&T, we’ll make Anderson shelters and cook delicious wartime food.

At the end of the ILP, we’ll reflect on Winston Churchill’s stirring speeches and write our own. We’ll compose and perform wartime songs and create a presentation to show what we have learned.

Wartime Recipes

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Welcome to Class 5’s webpage

In class 5 there are 21 year 6’s and 6 year 5’s. Our teacher is Mr. Bryan and our assistant teacher is Mrs. Harrison.

In class 5 our topic is currently the FROZEN KINGDOM!

We are learning about the animals in the Antarctic environment and their adaptations and how they survive in such extreme conditions. Class 5 have been experimenting with how cold ice is in different materials such as: cloth, cold water, and a plain ice cube, salt was also used as well as other materials.

In maths we have been doing many different things including fractions, dividing and multiplying. Currently, we have been converting fractions!

In art, we are currently creating chalk drawings of the Northern lights. In the past, we have made Inuit art of Antarctic animals.

In geography and history, we have been learning about the islands in the Arctic circle and labeling the places and their names.  Also, class 5 have been learning about expeditions of Arctic explorers, especially Robert Falcon Scott!

 In PE, class 5 have started the topic football. Our PE lessons are on Monday afternoons and Friday afternoons one of which we have with Mr. Hackett and the other with Mr. Bryan! Class 5 is currently practicing dribbling the ball and tackling other players.

In class 5 we don’t just do work! On Friday afternoons we have GOLDEN TIME! This is where all of class 5 vote on a game or

activity to do for 20 minutes. Usually, class 5 decide to choose a sporty game like capture the flag!

Written by JE and LD

Interviewing Nancy Smith - Titanic survivor