Class 5

Welcome to Class 5’s web page. Here you will be able to see photos of our current Y6/Y5 pupils in action. Celebrating their achievements, personalities, and engagement with each topic. We hope you enjoy looking through this window into our world.

Science: Autumn 1/2 – Reversible and Irreversible Changes

This half-term Class 5 will continue to build on their chemistry knowledge from last year. Now that they have a good foundation in states/properties of materials, we will explore reversible and irreversible changes/reactions through a series of exciting experiments/investigations. Below you will find the Knowledge Organiser for this topic which details the knowledge/skills taught.

History: Autumn 1/2 – World War 1

This half-term Class 5 will be learning all about World War 1. A huge global event that shook the fabric of humanity. An event full of tragedy and intrigue that as historians we should find fascinating. This will be followed later in the year with a topic on World War 2.

Introducing Our Gripping New Novel: The Boy At The Top Of The Mountain

Set between World War 1 and World War 2, this novel offers an incredible insight into this tumultuous period. This book will be our MAIN text over the next half-term. We will read it for pleasure but also pick it apart, extracting all of the qualities a good author pours into their writing. I look forward to diving into this text with you Class 5.