We aim for children to confidently and independently use and apply information technology skills to support and extend their learning. We develop a culture where the use of ICT becomes second nature to our pupils, thus ensuring they are ready and able to embrace the technological advances of the future.

The school has a wealth of technology which enriches the learning experiences of children across both key stages.

Fully immersed in ICT, the children are taught using interactive whiteboards and visualisers with digital cameras, voice recorders, data loggers and numerous other technologies also playing an important role in establishing a fully integrated approach to ICT teaching. Our children are taught how to access information; evaluate its suitability; store it; share it with others and tailor it to meet their own needs. Coding is integrated throughout the school and taught via a range of technologies.

In each year group, the children learn how to navigate the Internet safely and communicate respectfully through social media and collaborative networks. In line with this children and parents sign a user agreement to ensure that all members of the school’s community understand the E-safety policy and what is deemed acceptable when using the school’s technology.