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At Great Dalby Primary School we love to write and we plan our lessons using the National Curriculum 2014. Our writing curriculum is rich and varied throughout the school and extends beyond English into other curriculum subjects such as history, geography, religious education and science. Our curriculum is designed to enable children to learn key skills, practise, consolidate and apply them and then master them across different genres of writing. Grammar and spelling are an integral part of our curriculum. Where possible children learn these skills in a context so that they understand how it relates to real life too.

Our writing lessons include activities such as role play and drama, hot seating, discussion and debate, listening to and retelling good quality texts, researching, annotating and editing, talking and drawing and writing! Throughout the school we use the Talk for Writing techniques along with other established approaches. We teach all the important stuff but we keep it fun and lively to ensure all our children love to write.

Here are some examples of the genres we have been busy teaching over the last few months: classic and modern fiction, classic narrative poetry, historical stories, debate and persuasion, explanation, recount, stories with familiar settings, stories with repeated patterns, myths, legends and folktales, lists, labels and captions and performance poetry.


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