Under the National Curriculum science is a core subject. All year groups follow the programme of study as set out in the National Curriculum. Scientific knowledge and the ability to work scientifically are equally important; science at Great Dalby School takes an investigative approach to develop key skills. Questioning, developing investigations, recording and presenting results are at the heart of all investigative work undertaken by our children.

Science stimulates pupil’s curiosity, develops their sense of enquiry and their understanding of the world around them. Children learn to work as scientists, planning and undertaking practical investigations on their own and with others.

At Early Years Foundation Stage, activities are planned in relation to the ‘Understanding the World’ area of the foundation stage curriculum. Children’s progress and achievements are assessed against the Early Learning Goals at the end of reception.

In Key Stages 1 and 2 the science curriculum is planned through cross curricular topics and specific science lessons. Science planning follows our scheme of work which ensures that the essential skills are met within each phase. Children are taught in single year groups.

Wherever possible, links are made between other subject areas including English, Maths, Computing and Geography. The relevant essential science skills are covered through the topic areas taught. In Key Stage 1 pupils begin to explore, collect and evaluate evidence and communicate their findings through the use of scientific language, drawings, charts and photographs. At Key Stage 2 pupils plan and carry out their own investigations and apply their scientific knowledge to real life problems and discuss the most appropriate way to communicate their ideas.