Class 1

Autumn 2020

Hello Class 1!

You will find some activities on this page for anyone currently not in school.



Year 1




Reading Evening

It was lovely to see our new parent last night at the first of our reading evenings. As promised, I have attached some useful websites and games that would support the children and yourselves when sounding out and learning new sounds.


We’ve made it to the last week of the Summer Term! We can’t thank you enough for your support and dedication to keep the children working through these unprecedented times. Mrs Phillips-Ames has been busy adding all photos from home and from school to our busy book. When we get back to a new “normal” and we are allowed to share again, I would like to invite you to come and see exactly how well everyone has done together. It looks even busier than normal!

Mrs Nelmes and Mrs Phillips-Ames.



Week 6

Day 1 The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet





EYFS Handwriting

EYFS Handwriting 

Week 5 – Leopards

What a busy week! Leopards have been busy at home and school this week, working hard on their zoo creations, animal homes and tiger facts. We are so proud of how well they are doing, thank you for your continued support.

This coming week will see the children use their imaginations, caring for their own “creature”. If you haven’t already collected it, there is a little “creature” waiting at Reception for you to collect. There is no right or wrong this week, just encouragement to complete the step-by-step tasks.



Week 5

Day 1 Olivers Vegetables

Day 2 Olivers Vegetables

Day 3 Olivers Vegetables

Day 4 Olivers Vegetables

Day 5 Olivers Vegetables

EYFS Handwriting

Week 4

First week back in school for the Leopards and they have been brilliant! It’s been lovely to see them again and catch-up on all the important stuff; teeth that have come out, new pets, new skills…it’s been non-stop!


Week 4

Day 1 Zog

Day 2 Zog

Day 3 Zog

Day 4 Zog

Day 5 Zog

Week 3

Hi all!

Next week, some of us will be going back to school, not as Class 1 but as the “Leopard” bubble! We will be covering the same work as those at home, so please keep sending photos in, I would like to show the children that we are still a team, regardless of whether we are in or out of school at the moment.

I have added some extra stories onto our You tube page, don’t forget to keep checking and I will be putting on some videos of work we do in class too, if you feel it might help.

Week 3

EYFS Handwriting Week 3 U And Y

World Map

Day 1 Princess Mirror Belle

Day 2 Princess Mirror Belle

Day 3 Princess Mirror Belle

Day 4 Princess Mirror Belle

Day 5 Princess Mirror Belle

EYFS Handwriting S, F And E

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

What an amazing first week back! Thank you for all of the work and photos that are still being sent, it really keeps a smile on my face! Here are just some of the photos that have been sent in…

Week 2

EYFS Handwriting Week 2 S, F And E

Day 1 The Princess And The Wizard

Day 2 The Princess And The Wizard

Day 3 The Princess And The Wizard

Day 4 The Princess And The Wizard

Day 5 The Princess And The Wizard

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Big cats, small rats, tiny fleas and buzzing bees!
This half term, we’re going to discover that animals come in all shapes and sizes! We will meet animal owners which will allow us to ask and answer questions, share information about the pets we have at home and write animal information booklets.
We’ll study animal artwork, draw detailed animal pictures to capture their special features and make collages, sculptures and prints. Famous animal fables will make us laugh, and we will have fun reading them aloud. We’ll spot similarities and differences between animals, look at different habitats around the world and investigate camouflage. Designing a zoo is even on the agenda!
At the end of our project, we’ll share our work with you! An exhibition of our amazing artwork and performances of animal songs, with musical accompaniment, will allow you to take a walk on the wild side with us. We will also share our knowledge of animals and recite amusing rhymes that may include an animal noise or two!

Help your child prepare for their project
Animals are amazing! Why not take photos of a favourite pet together and describe their habits, likes and dislikes? You could also put bird food in the garden and visit a local park or nature reserve for a spot of bird watching. Make a note of their markings and features then use a simple spotting book or app to identify different species.

Week 1 Activities

EYFS Handwriting Week 1

Day 1 The Snail And The Whale

Day 2 The Snail And The Whale

Day 3 The Snail And The Whale

Day 4 The Snail And The Whale

Day 5 The Snail And The Whale
















An Amazing Half Term!


Thank you so much for your hard work and support. The children have produced so much beautiful work, I hope you are very proud of them?! Here are some of this weeks photos that have been sent in to finish off our “Why do Ladybirds Have Spots?”.

Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for their huge effort and support through this time at home. You are all doing so well. I just wanted to say if your child is showing some resentment, you do not need to be doing all of this work and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and your child. If you are struggling, take a break and come back to it. We are all feeling the same. Nobody will mind! Just keep talking to us. Jo xx


EYFS- Week 3

EYFS Handwriting Week 3 u and y

Year 1- Week 3

Handwriting Year 1 Week 3

Year 1 Spelling Week 3

Week 2

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all well. I am going to be adding things weekly now to this page. Please keep checking!  Click onto the “note to parents” to find a letter regarding this term’s work. Jo Nelmes x

Note to parents 

Reading Books – EYFS & Year 1

EYFS children- Week 1

EYFS Handwriting Week 1

EYFS children -Week 2

EYFS Handwriting Week 2

Year 1- week 1

Year 1 Handwriting Sheet

Year 1 spellings Week 1 Words 1

Year 1 Spelling practise Week 1 Activity 1

Year 1-week 2

Year 1 Spelling Week 2

Week 2 -Handwriting Year 1

I am in awe of all of the work and effort that is being sent through to me!! Thank you to everyone for such a huge effort!! You are making us all so proud!! I will keep a weekly video of your pictures…Can you spot yourself or your work?!



EYFS Apps And Websites To Support Parents

KS1 & KS2 Home Learning Links
































Year 1 : Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Help your child prepare for their project
Animals are amazing! Why not take photos of a favourite pet together and describe their habits, likes and dislikes? You could also put bird food in the garden and visit a local park or nature reserve for a spot of bird watching (when we can). Make a note of their markings and features then use a simple spotting book or app to identify different species.

Home Learning Ideas

Week 1 Activities

Year 1 Handwriting

Year 1 Spelling Week 1

Lesson 1 Measure Mass

Lesson 2 Compare Mass

Lesson 3 Introduce Capacity And Volume

Lesson 4 Measure Capacity

















Week 4 Year 1

IMPORTANT Change to Maths

As you are all aware, we have been using ‘White Rose Maths’ materials for the vast majority of the maths homeschooling provision. As of Monday 11th May, WRM are stopping the free access to the independent worksheets.

So what does this mean? 

You will still be able to access the resources because we already subscribe to WRM, but there’s just a small change in where you will find themStill go onto the WRM page as normal and watch the video, this will remain free and accessible to all. Then instead of downloading the activity by clicking next to the video, visit your classes home learning page, where your teacher will have uploaded the resources for you, and download the day’s activity free from there.

Week 4 Year 1

Year 1 Spelling Week 4

Week 4 Handwriting Year 1

Lesson 1 Add By Making 10 2019

Lesson 2 Subtraction Crossing 10 (1) 2019

Lesson 3 Subtraction Crossing 10 (2) 2019

Lesson 4 Compare Number Sentences 2019

VE Day celebrations

This week (w/b/ 4th May) in school, we would have been celebrating VE 75 and Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday to remember VE Day.

Below, you will find some information about VE Day and some activities if you would like to have a go at any of them.

VE Day Powerpoint

VE Day Information

Design a VE Day Medal

Design Your Own Teacup

Make Your Own Bunting

Make your own Spitfire


Happy Easter! Below you will find some ideas for fun activities over Easter.

KS1 Fun Easter Activities

KS1 Easter Activity Wordsearch

KS1 Easter Activity Dot To Dot Pictures

KS1 Easter Activity Cone Animals

KS1 Easter Activity Colour By Number

KS1 Easter Activity 2D Shape Rabbit