Our school uniform is as follows:

Boys –
Grey trousers/shorts
White polo shirt
Red jumper
Grey socks

Girls –
Grey skirt/dress/trousers
White polo shirt
Red jumper/cardigan
Red/Grey tights
Grey/white socks
Red & White gingham summer dress

No nail varnish or make-up is to be worn to school.
No jewellery, apart from small stud earrings, should be worn

PE Kit –

Red shorts
White T-shirt

Black/Grey/Navy tracksuit for outdoor PE in the colder months.
Long hair is to be tied back for PE and no jewellery is to be worn.

School uniform items do not have to have the school logo on them.

All children are to use a school book bag to transport items to and from school. Year 6 children can use a bag of their choice.

To order any items of school uniform please contact the office.